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Casey & Melissa Schultz (United States of America) <hidden>
Like the site, wife and I still debating between Rotty and Bull. She loves her Rott. Hope to contact you soon

25-02-2009 22:45:17 #29

Kristin (United States of America) <hidden>
That pic of Katie you took (did you take it?!) is amazing. she's a beauty!! I have a friend looking for a rottie breeder and I told him about you...any plans to have rotties soon??

your fave ex-assistant

01-02-2009 14:23:11 #28

Aleisha Lawrence (United States of America) aleishj(a+)yahoo.com
Hello, Wanted to introduce myself, look around and ask question. Thank you

26-01-2009 12:21:26 #27

Sesso (Sierra Leone) Sesso1262(a+)yahoo.com
Great site.

22-01-2009 11:46:38 #26

Wendi (Finland)
Very nice site. Well laid out.

02-01-2009 17:08:38 #25

Ramona (United States of America)
Very nice site. Very nice testimonials to the breeder. Looking forward to conversations about a puppy.

15-12-2008 10:38:27 #24

cquty (Ecuador)
hello, good site.

06-12-2008 15:55:38 #23

chris (Mexico)
nice dogs

25-11-2008 16:38:49 #22

Keith Krus (United States of America) Keith.Krus(a+)gmail.com
Great looking bullmastiff puppies. Now i kind of have an idea of how my big looked when he was a puppy. I am a proud owner of a pure bread bullmastiff male that looks amazing from what other bullmastiff owners tell me. If only i had the proper papers I would mate him in a second.

We have to keep this amazing pure breed going.

25-11-2008 10:12:00 #21

Jennifer Allen (United States of America) jallen2568(a+)sbcglobal.net
Great looking dogs. I would love to see the whole bodies of Jimmy and Maggie just to see how huge they are. I have a German Rott named Mason and he is beyond huge, over 144#.

10-11-2008 12:19:50 #20
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