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Danny (Canada)
Great site, loved your dogs, Keep up the great work.

Danny Forestbull Bullmastiffd

10-09-2008 18:50:32 #19

Kent (United States of America)
What a wonderful Lady to talk to! Very ethical breeder. I have found the breeder I want to breed my next Bullie! I look forward to puppies and updates! You are the best! Take Care.


30-08-2008 19:58:02 #18

Korey (United States of America)
Just wanted to say, Impressive website and i look forward to talking with you more about Emily and her next litter, thanx !

06-08-2008 01:53:57 #17

Fullers (United States of America) dfuller5(a+)charter.net
Just us again. We love the picture page of the pups. We will say, as cute as they look there, they just keep getting better. Elvis has the best temperment. Anyone that meets him wants one just like him!
Thank you again!

04-08-2008 20:07:33 #16

Fullers (United States of America)
Thanks Gina, We can not be any happier then we are right now. We knew that Emily was perfect and wanted one just like her. We got the next best thing, her first boy! Lothloriens King of Rock n Roll aka Elvis. He is something to be proud of, and we are. Your the best .

16-06-2008 22:04:06 #15

garth (United States of America)
just stopped by hope pups are well

03-06-2008 18:53:52 #14

Jenna (United States of America)
I have been researching this breed and looking carefully for breeders for the past 2 years before even before I had my children. Looks Like I found my breeder! Very nice lady! Very nice dogs!

25-05-2008 04:14:42 #13

Silvia Grimm (Germany)
Hello from Germany,
we just visited your great Site,
best wishes,Silvia,Bernd and Standardpoodles.

24-03-2008 09:19:37 #12

Mia (United States of America)
Thanks for letting us visit with Em she is a great dog. I really appreciate the slobber on my pants. I can't wait for my new puppy.

17-03-2008 11:05:03 #11

sarah and jasmine (United States of America) <hidden>
We can't wait for the puppies. Emily is a beautiful dog. We were glad to finally meet you and emily.

07-03-2008 21:05:32 #10
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